Thursday, February 7, 2013

Corky and Lenny's

Every time we travel to Cleveland, OH, we must make a stop at Corky and Lenny's! It is a great New York Style Deli for those who have never been there. They have a great variety on their menu including amazing deserts! Since most of the time we stop there for lunch, our favorite dishes to order are the corned beef sandwich and matzoh ball soup. Once I tried their blintzes, which are similar to crepes stuffed with cheese filling. They came with a side of cream cheese and blueberry sauce. I would definitely order them again. We never leave Corky and Lenny's without ordering something to go. We love to bring back corned beef, beef sticks, and pickles. Sometimes, I end up getting their HUMONGOUS eclairs!  The image on the bottom right corner shows the delicious sandwich that we made using corned beef and rye bread with fresh tomatoes on the side.