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This blog is purely about our adventures in food. We are not experts and all the recipes on this blog are either created by us, our families, or otherwise indicated.

The blog is divided into following Menu:

Home Cooking: Here you can find post about the meals that we create but that do not necessarily contain step-by-step recipes. Here, the idea is that you might be inspired to try something similar yourself!

Recipes: Here, we share recipes with you that are either created by us, families, or otherwise indicated.

Georgian Cuisine: All of the Georgian dishes that we make can be found here.

Eating Out: In this section we share and review food that we ate at restaurants. The reviews are our opinions and we can’t accept liability for this information.

Some meals that we create might use recipes from other food websites. Those recipes will have a hyperlink that will take you to its original source. No responsibly will be taken from the other links.

Sometimes, we mention the trademark names of ingredients used to create a particular dish. The trademark names are the property of their respective companies.

We are not responsible for the actions of the advertisers on this blog.

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