Daily Dose

This section of the blog will give you a quick glimpse of our daily food adventures. The images are taken with my iPod and immediately posted before we began to eat! If you're wondering why our chalk board is entitled 'Show Me Your Gamms', it's because we like to think of our home as a little restaurant, which Brian has so eloquently named, Show Me Your Gamms (pun intended)!

Show Me Your Gamms Daily Dose

*Beef and shrimp fajitas with homemade corn tortillas, adult mac & cheese, and pop-overs.

* Roasted quail with tomatoes and Argentinian bacon sausage hors d'oeuvres for the Super Bowl party.

* Buckwheat pancakes and homemade juice.

* Georgian pork Souzi and toasted garlic bread.

* Meatloaf, buckwheat and steamed broccoli.

* My attempt at a healthy version of creamy tomato basil soup with a Georgian-style salad (cucumber and fresh dill) and raspberry mousse. Yum!

* Shrimp 'n grits and bread with caviar appetizer.

*Beef with red peppers and bean sprouts, fried brown rice, kale with pine nuts, baked potatoes, and salmon steaks.
*Poached sea bass with buckwheat, broccolini, and Russian black bread. Can it get any healthier?

* Chicken breast and yellow grits with pan friend potatoes and fresh salad.

* Oscar party munchies. 

* Valentine's Day dinner: Roasted cornish game hen with rice pilaf and roasted asparagus.

* Chocolate assortments from the Sublime Chocolate shop: maple cream, vanilla bean, solid dark with almonds, strawberry balsamic, pistachio, and bacon chocolate.

* Homemade pizza with mushrooms, prosciutto, onions and basil. Buckwheat and garlic drumsticks.

* Dutch Baby! Who needs the Original Pancake House when you've got Show Me Your Gamms!

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