Friday, August 16, 2013

Simple Pasta with Poultry Sausage and Asparagus

On Sundays we make a big meal and eat it throughout the week. However, by the middle of the week, we usually have run out or prefer making something different to change things up a bit. I created this quick pasta recipe and it became our favorite pasta dish.  I used whole wheat pasta, poultry sausage, plum tomatoes, and asparagus. First, I cooked the sausages in a covered pot with little bit of water. Once they were cooked and the water was evaporated, I added olive oil and pan fried the sausage with onions. I then added fresh plum tomatoes, and asparagus and simmered it together. Finally chopped garlic, cilantro, and parsley were added, with salt and pepper to taste. Simple, quick, and delicious!

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